Tell the NSW Government to listen to Blue Mountains Traditional Owners.

Following a secretive release of the dam project's Draft Indigenous Cultural Assessment that has attempted to excuse the mass-destruction of Gundungurra heritage, the mayors of Blue Mountains (Mark Greenhill) and Wollondilly Shire (Matt Deeth) have convened an urgent public meeting with Gundungurra leaders to discuss the cultural impacts of raising the Warragamba Dam wall.

Traditional Owners have been given only weeks to review a 2000 page Draft Cultural Assessment, and it's simply impossible for them to give any meaningful response in the short amount of time provided. They are now calling on NSW Government to give them more time - but they need your help!

The meeting will be a litmus test for the NSW Liberal Government. Both Wollondilly and Blue Mountains Councils have invited the NSW Government's Warragamba Dam Project Director, Maree Abood, to attend the event. If the Government is genuine about consulting Traditional Owners and the community, they will take part and listen to peoples concerns - but we need you to remind them of this.

Please help the Gundungurra Traditional Owners and send them an email now!

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