Laziness, dishonesty and racism - that's the best way to describe SMEC Engineering's cultural report on Warragamba Dam.

SMEC Engineering have secretly released an Indigenous Cultural Assessment that has attempted to excuse the mass-destruction of Gundungurra heritage. Traditional Owners have been given only 40 days by SMEC to review a 2000 page Draft Cultural Assessment, and have been told they are not allowed to share it with anyone - even experts.

SMEC Engineering is a company that was banned from working in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for allegations of bribery and have an extremely poor record of working with First Nations people.

SMEC Engineering is clearly in the business of white washing cultural destruction. The history and survival of a culture should not be treated as a box-ticking operation.

Any assessment by SMEC Engineering is not worth the paper it’s written on. If the NSW and Federal Governments are serious about their commitments to the World Heritage Committee, they must find a new consultancy firm.

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