Dam lies and dodgy facts Image

Dam lies and dodgy facts

Dam lies and dodgy facts

The NSW Government is feeling the pressure and has responded by publishing a flyer full of lies about raising Warragamba Dam wall. The brochure has been sent to over 70,000 Sydney households, and the only way we can respond is by calling out their dishonesty.

Here is some of the rubbish they are pedalling:

  • That raising Warragamba Dam wall will not flood the wild Kowmung River
  • That raising the dam wall will completely stop flooding in Penrith
  • That Gundungurra Traditional Owners are being listened to and supported in mapping their cultural sites that will be destroyed by the raised dam
  • That only 550 hectares of the world heritage area will be inundated by the raised dam wall

Tell them to cut the bull!

Many of these claims are even contrary to what the Government has itself said previously about the impacts of the proposal. Just a few months ago the Australian Government itself admitted raising the dam would have "extensive and significant" impacts on the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

We also know that local Gundungurra traditional owners are outraged by the proposal and continue to be purposely ignored and given only weeks to survey over 300 kilometres of shoreline.

To make sure the message gets back to the NSW Government that spreading lies is not OK, we need you to send an email to WaterNSW and Stuart Ayres, the Minister for Western Sydney overseeing the dam proposal.

Send them an email

We have written a guide email, but I encourage you to add what you're passionate about too. Every email they get is required to be in the Government's environmental impact statement – so get emailing!

You can read the Government's flyer here.