Matt Kean

What should I say in my message to Matt?

  • Most importantly, tell Matt you don't agree with the raising of Warragamba Dam wall
  • Tell him why he shouldn't approve the dam 
  • Ask for a meeting as a local constituent to discuss his position on the dam project
  • Tell him that that the environmental assessment that has been prepared for the dam project is inadequate
  • For more information, contact us at [email protected] or on (02) 9261 2400

Why is raising Warragamba Dam a bad idea?

Raising the Warragamba dam wall is a clear breach of Australia’s obligations under the World Heritage Convention. It would destroy:

  • 65 kilometres of wilderness rivers, including the Kowmung River - a declared ‘Wild River’, protected for its pristine condition under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 
  • Habitat for critically endangered species including the Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeater and Sydney’s last Emu population.
  • Over 1541 cultural heritage sites being inundated if the dam wall proceeded. Gundungurra Traditional Owners don't support the dam, and have asked Rob not to proceed with the project.
  • There are many alternative options to raising the Warragamba Dam wall that would protect existing floodplain communities.  A combined approach has been recommended as the most cost-effective means of flood risk mitigation that includes limiting development on floodplains, building new evacuation roads and lowering the existing level of Warragamba Dam.

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