Resident’s group accuses Premier of deception over Warragamba Dam Image

Resident’s group accuses Premier of deception over Warragamba Dam

Resident’s group accuses Premier of deception over Warragamba Dam

A WARRAGAMBA resident’s group has accused the NSW Premier of deceiving the community over plans to raise the Warragamba Dam wall.

Since the State Government announced plans to raise the dam wall by 14 metres, the community has spoken against the proposal, starting a campaign called Give a Dam.

According to media reports last week, the State Government has prepared seceret plans to raise the wall by 17 metres.

Campaign manager Harry Burkitt said it is time for the State Government to reveal the truth.

“It is clear Infrastructure NSW are hiding many facts about this dam project from the public,” Mr Burkitt said.

“Infrastructure NSW must once again come clean on what their real agenda is behind this deeply unpopular dam project.”

Further questions have been raised by the group about the purpose of raising the wall, following comments made by Premier Gladys Berejiklian during a press conference on Friday.

Mr Burkitt said the Premier’s statement that raising the dam wall would “make sure into the future we also have capacity for extra water storage”, directly contravenes the evidence given by Jim Betts, the chief officer of Infrastructure NSW, that the project would be for flood mitigation.

“Either Mr Betts misled the NSW parliament, or the Premier doesn’t know what she is talking about,” he said.

“The Premier’s comments reveal yet another Infrastructure NSW scheme being plotted behind the scenes.”

Minister for Western Sydney and Penrith state Liberal MP Stuart Ayres denied there were plans to raise the wall by more than 14 metres or that the purpose was for anything other than flood mitigation.

“This is for flood mitigation purposes only and in the event of a flood it will hold water behind the wall in order to reduce flood impacts on houses, business, community infrastructure and provide more time for evacuation,” Mr Ayres said.

The Premier’s office did not respond in time to requests for comment.