Blue Mountains Conservation Society said:

"The Blue Mountains Conservation Society played a key part on getting the world heritage listing of the Blue Mountains in 2000. Since 1961 our members have been defending the Blue Mountains from developments that threaten nature, and we certainly won't be stopping now."

Harry Burkitt said:

"This is a unique partnership between the business community, leading  conservation groups and grassroots community organizations to stop this disastrous dam project."  and some more!

Patagonia said:

“At Patagonia, we’ve spent more than 40 years fighting to protect wild places which is why we are joining the We GIVE A DAM  Alliance to oppose the raising of the Warragamba Dam wall. Threatened species, Aboriginal cultural heritage, local communities and the precious Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area will be significantly impacted by this development.

"We are proud to support the Colong Foundation for Wilderness in their fight to protect the unique ecosystem and wild rivers of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.”