Protesters demand Federal intervention on Warragamba dam

Protesters demand Federal intervention on Warragamba dam

Over 900 people marched in Katoomba (NSW) today demanding that the Australian Federal Government protect the UNESCO listed Blue Mountains World Heritage Site from flooding by the raising the Warragamba Dam wall. 48 nails were hammered into a coffin that was carried throughout the march symbolising the  the government's identified species that may be pushed to extinction if the dam wall raising went ahead.

GIVE A DAM Campaigner, Harry Burkitt, said:

"Today the community came together as one and asked for Sussan Ley, the Federal Environment Minister, to step up and protect the iconic Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

"Forty years ago the county came together to save the mighty Franklin River from damming. Now, if the environmentally rouge NSW Government proceeds down the path of raising Warragamba Dam wall the same will have to happen again.

"The World Heritage Committee has spoken, they don't think it's a good idea - and now it's time for the Federal Government to step up and stop this dam project."

"Raising Warragamba Dam could be the last straw that would put this iconic Australian world heritage site in danger of losing its UNESCO status."