Secret plans to raise Warragamba by 17 metres

Secret plans to raise Warragamba by 17 metres

It has been revealed today that Infrastructure NSW has secret plans to raise the Warragamba Dam wall by 17 metres. This is despite the department saying both in the NSW Parliament and publicly that the dam wall will only be raised by 14 metres.

GIVE A DAM Campaigner, Harry Burkitt, said: “Jim Betts, the CEO of Infrastructure NSW, has serious questions to answer. If this report is true, Mr Betts and his department have misled the NSW Parliament and the public about the height of the proposed dam raising.

“The very least Infrastructure NSW could do is come clean about how many thousands of hectares of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area they want to destroy.

“Infrastructure NSW doesn’t even intend to look at the environmental impact of a 17 metre raising, despite the disastrous cultural and environmental consequences of raising the dam by an extra height will cause many kilometres upstream of the current proposal.”

Gundunguarra Traditional Owner, Kazan Brown, said: “This is unbelievable. We were horrified when they announced their plans to raise the dam by 14 metres - now it’s 17 metres. Hundreds of our cultural sites will be flooded by this additional raising.”

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